Modern Languages

75% A*-C in French, German and Spanish and 31% of students achieved A*-A. Well above the National average.


Modern Foreign Languages


Modern technologies have brought the world closer together and many careers now involve communicating with people in a second language.

In the Languages faculty we aim to give students the necessary skills to cope in a variety of everyday situations abroad. We also aim to provide a sound grammatical knowledge of each language in case students elect to study at further or higher education.

Students in Year 7 start by learning either French or German. We are well supported by German and French assistants, who offer extra speaking practice and provide an insight into the culture. French and German are offered at GCSE.

We enjoy annual trips to France and Germany and hold exchange visits to France and Germany in Years 9 and 10.

For more information on the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 curriculum, as well as the Modern Foreign Languages extra curricular activities that pupils can take part in please view the PDF documents below.

Modern Foreign Languages Staff

Head of Faculty - Mrs H Innard (
Mr I Smejkal - Deputy HoF

Miss J Nadaud – Teacher
Mrs S Romero – Teacher

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