100% achieved A*-C grades in 2016 and 62% of students achieved A*-A. Well above the national average.


Drama and Dance


Carrick Training Dates and Times:

20th March Carrick Dance Senior/ Advanced training at Truro College 4.30 -7.30pm

21st March Carrick Dance Senior/Advanced training at Truro College 4.30 -7.30 pm

23rd March Carrick Dance Junior Girls and Boys, Chacewater /City Hall 9.00 - 3.30pm

24th March Carrick Dance Junior Girls/Boys Chacewater /City Hall 9.00 - 3.30pm

From the very beginning of Year 7, we train our students to work effectively and co-operatively in groups; to work towards original, imaginative performances and to evaluate their own work and that of others fairly and critically. At every level, students explore text, improvisation and live theatre from the perspectives of actor, director and critic. Drama is a popular choice at GCSE level, and the department achieves great success. Dance BTEC has recently been added to the curriculum at Penair. It is an exciting, interactive course that enables students to explore and analyse a range of dance styles, create their own choreographies and develop their skills as performers. In all Drama and Dance lessons, pupils are required to wear Drama and Dance kit – plain black T- shirt with short sleeves, black school trousers or bootlegs, track suit bottoms, leggings or similar.

‘My favourite thing about dance is when we get the chance to perform in the Hall for Cornwall and in the school. I love dancing and being able to have the opportunity to do it at school.’ - Eloise Trebilcock

‘Dance is a place where you can escape from your normal self and change into another you. It starts off as a lesson, turns into a hobby and then dance becomes a way of life… it’s fantastic.’ - Ben Green

Dance and Drama Staff

Mrs M Weeks - Head of Faculty

Ms V Hocking - Teacher

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