Bywva Centre

Bywva (‘a place of life’) was officially opened by Prince Charles, the Duke of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cornwall in July 2009. One of the first three school-based Integrated Health Centres in the UK, it was funded through a creative partnership headed by the Duchy Health Charity. The Bywva Centre concept aims to bring together professionals from health and education to explore ways of enhancing the lives of young people, encouraging them to take increasing responsibility for their own wellbeing.

The Bywva Centre provides a safe and supportive environment for the pupils of Penair School, offering 1:1 and small group behaviour support, literacy and social skills intervention.

A variety of professionals and external services use the Bywva Centre to support children with their social, emotional and mental health needs, in order to further enhance their learning experience.

Specific pupils are invited to spend break & lunch at the Bywva Centre, if they are experiencing difficulty with friends, bullying or if they are in need of a quiet escape from the rest of the school.

The Bywva Centre is integral in the transition of our vulnerable learners from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3.

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